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Carey Lewis Arban


ABOUT Carey Lewis Arban

Carey Lewis Arban is the founder of Actors, Models & Talent for Christ, although she gives all credit to God and calls herself the ‘CSO’: Chief Serving Officer.

She is actually the daughter of a super-model mother, Millie Lewis, who brought her into the ‘family business’ early. Carey is generation #2 of what is now the new AMTC: a ministry. Both her daughters work for the company and her son-in-law, Adam, runs it.

Carey is a late-in-life committed Christian. Says Lewis: “I was a burned-out 51 year-old CEO. Now I’m a 56 year-old girl on a mission.”

“God called me. Then He called my family, and He transformed AMTC. We’re no longer just a successful talent development company. We did that. Those first 24 years were our B.C. years, but God uses everything. During that time, AMTC built a reputation among top star makers to help place our talent.

“When AMTC turned strongly for Christ, that foundation held. Now AMTC launches stars for God in all branches of media: Christian, family-friendly, and secular. God has a plan. Because bad is bold in the entertainment industry, good must be bolder. God is raising a generation of performers who will be positive role models for a world that desperately needs them.”

Carey travels the world scouting stars for God, speaking about His mission in arts and entertainment, and writing daily devotions from a new perspective.

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Since my relatively late-in-life commitment to Christ at the age of 51 (I am now 58), I am asked my testimony. How did I meet Christ? The short story is… I was broken. I needed to be overwhelmed by brokenness, because I considered myself overwhelmingly capable.

For the longer story, read on…

For many years, I was the good CEO of my own little empire: AMTC and my family—unfortunately in that order. I was a hard worker, and AMTC was a thriving business for 24 years. However, underneath the fanfare and parade of famous faces was a constant rumble.

Some of AMTC’s partnering companies began suffering from recession. Gossip, greed and betrayal bit into the ranks of patrons and clients. Friends became enemies, and the business I loved no longer seemed to love me.

Meanwhile, at home, war ruled behind closed doors. My physician-husband was unhappy with his career and our family. Surely, my ceaseless devotion to AMTC was part of the problem. Who wants a wife who is married to her job?

After 29 years of marriage, he left. I found myself living alone in a cabin on a mountain. Our daughters were grown, my assistant retired, AMTC was shaking, and I was coming apart. Yet in this forsaken place, I met Jesus.

He was there from the start, but I didn’t know it. Our courtship was a long one: 40 years in a wilderness—starting in puberty and ending with the worst and best midlife crisis.

Did I need to be broken? Yes. Could I find forgiveness, purpose, and joy with the Son of God? Yes!

The result of brokenness is a miracle available to every unhappy person on this earth. It is redemption. It is new life. My failures and inabilities were replaced by the great ‘I Am’ and the Godly ‘I can’ – through Him.

As every redeemed Christian knows in stories that fill the libraries of Heaven, God’s saving grace awaits us eagerly. Whether we are prodigals or professors, criminals or CEO’s, hitting the limits of our power in a head-on collision is a blessing. I received that blessing of brokenness. I was rescued by no less than a King, and I am forever thankful.

As an epilogue to my story, my daughters and son-in-law were baptized as committed Christians. AMTC is a born-again company rebuilt from the foundation up. On January 1, 2012 (our 30th anniversary), I gave up legal ownership of AMTC and we became an official 501c3 non-profit ministry. I get to work with my children and a team of Spirit-filled believers. God had a great plan.

I feel like Moses standing on the far side of the Jordan River looking over at the Promised Land of Hollywood–where actors, models, and talent for Christ are headed. Some are already there. As Jesus would have it, they do not come in war, but in love and excellence.

Life with Jesus is a more amazing adventure than I ever could have written for myself. So God would have it for each of His beloved children.



Carey has the joy of working with God’s performers

Carey and her grandson, Jack.

Carey begins in business over 35 years ago with her mother, Millie Lewis

Carey and daughters, Glynis Arban Carpenter and Lexy Arban She. Glynis is a NY fashion photographer. Lexy heads the AMTC Style Team and Pretty Penny Models.

Carey and AMTC’s Executive Director, Adam She (plus staff) open a new office for AMTC

Carey and her brother, Bob Lewis, at AMTC

Carey is a frequent speaker on weight loss and nutrition from her own dramatic, God-directed transformation.


AMTC Founder on the 700 Club


Carey Lewis was featured in an exclusive profile on the 700 Club. Learn about Carey’s journey toward faith in Jesus Christ, as well as the drastic changes that took place when she brought AMTC along with her. Check out her story



A recent search was captured by the WLTX 19 news team. A positive and inspiring profile!

Carey Lewis on The Harvest Show


Carey Lewis appears on the Harvest Show, the nationally syndicated daily show devoted to stories about ministries and lifestyles that spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Carey was blessed to land an interview on the show and talk about the mission of AMTC.

AMTC on Fox News Charlotte


AMTC’s recent search in Charlotte, NC brought out the local Fox News crew. The good news continues to spread.


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