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SHINE Winter 2016

Orlando, FL

Dec 29, 2015 - Jan 03, 2016 at the Gaylord Palms Resort

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Stories from the Mission Field

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Headed in the Right Direction

Dearest Carey, I had my first professional audition for a commercial on Friday. No matter what the outcome, my agent now knows I’m committed and it’s a baby step…

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I should’ve died all those years ago…

…. I finally decided to share my story, It’ll be a little lengthy so I apologize for the inconvenience ahead of time. It all starts 14 years ago. I THOUGHT that my…

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Stacy did beautifully at her Bat Mitzvah

Dear Carey, By now you are back in your office, basking in your success of yet another successful AMTC! Having attended now twice with my daughter, Stacy, I can only say you…

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It felt like a dream… I never want to wake up

What an amazing woman you are! And what an incredible tradition you have kept alive. Hey Ms. Carey, I’m Alyssa Harrell and I participated in the winter 2009 AMTC. I…

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How did I as their Mom miss all this?

Dear Carey, Janice & Stephanie, This letter comes from a heart of appreciation. How can I begin to “Thank You” for all you and AMTC has done for both my boys,…

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I shouldn’t have gone to AMTC for SO MANY reasons…

This is an excerpt from Chris Sierra’s Facebook The Happenings of My Life…God truly loves US. So to start off, I thought that I would just go ahead and let…

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Parents, if you can go to AMTC, do it…

Mrs. Carey Arban, I guess I’ve started this email about three times and keep finding myself unable to convey my thoughts in a non-novel manner. This was our second trip…

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Thank you for being transparent…

Carey, My name is Darius. I attended ATMC Winter 08-09 just wrapped up this week. I had a chance to look through the AMTCWorld site, and was surprised to find some articles…

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Other kids used to make fun of me…

Dear Mrs. Arban: I Just want to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to shine at the convention. It’s something I wanted and hoped for almost all my life. I…

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