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Stories from the Mission Field

An Army Wife’s Talent Testimony



I’m Samantha DeJaynes and I was a finalist in the Summer 2011 group for commercial modeling. At the time, I had just moved down to Ft. Rucker, AL for my husband’s Army flight school. While there, I saved up money to make the occasional 4.5 hour trip to Atlanta as an extra to build up my film experience as I was instructed to do during my AMTC interviews. My very first film experience was for the Billy Crystal movie that just came out, Parental Guidance. The wardrobe we had to wear was very elegant and fancy but could NOT be white, black or red- as few elegant things as I have, those were the ONLY colors I had at all. I panicked, not knowing how the whole thing worked. As I packed, I kept praying and praying LORD GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WEAR! I had no idea what that meant at the time. So I packed every thing that MIGHT work, from the wrong colored evening wear, to casual dresses and made the 4 hour trip. The next morning on my daily verses, I received the Matthew verse that tells us not to worry about the clothes we wear or where our food will come from. The sparrow doesn’t worry and is fed, how much more do we matter to the Lord. I dressed and went to the location. I also prayed that I could be a blessing to someone else. Turns out, the girl who sat next to me accidentally packed mismatching shoes so I let her borrow mine. Then, a few hours later as we waited, they made the announcement that the scene had been changed from an evening event to a daytime event and that the attire would be more casual! While most began to worry, my heart pounded in excitement because I had brought EVERYTHING I own and had really great casual options. While in the dressing room, I pretended to drop something so I could fall to my knees to thank Him.

Since then, I also had the amazing opportunity to be a Capitol member in the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I was one of their favorites, so they put me by the door where Jennifer, Josh, and Elizabeth walked by and the camera would be. And even more still, last month I just got my first speaking role with the new faith-based film, RUMORS OF WARS as the spokeswoman for the one world government. See a trend? Apparently I’m a bad guy. :-) It’s cool!

What I’m ACTUALLY writing to you about is this: While at AMTC, I was constantly wondering how in the world this would happen? My husband is in the Army and we move constantly and would never be close to where I need to be. But ever since a child I would proclaim I was going to be famous one day (obviously I had different motives back then, but I’m talking I was YOUNG. I was no taller than the cheese compartment on a top and bottom refrigerator) I felt in my bones this is what I would be doing one day. But I knew God would make a way if He created me for this. And now, 2 years after I started my AMTC adventure, I sit in a hotel room in Ft. Irwin California, 2.5 hours away from LA. Turns out, the Army, the very thing that I thought would make it so difficult to follow this dream is the very thing that brought me here. I can’t believe it but then again, I can. That’s so much the way God works. I think He loves this. Making things seem so impossible and then making a way. That’s how it always points to Him. And while we’re down here in our little minds wondering “How in the world?” He’s there smiling saying “Just you wait and see”. Its so cool.

Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do.

Samantha DeJaynes


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