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Stories from the Mission Field

Two Reasons Why


Sara Eastham

Dear Carey,

My children have talked and dreamed for years of being involved in the entertainment industry, and for years I avoided taking them to talent searches for two reasons . . . One, a fear that I could not trust the organization/individual behind the search, and two, a fear of what might happen if they actually “made it.”

I finally relented and brought them to the AMTC search for two reasons… One, I did not want them getting to be 35 years old and wondering what would have happened had they been given an opportunity, and two, AMTC was advertised on my local Christian radio station, and I felt perhaps, because of that, I could trust AMTC as an organization.

I have not been disappointed! In fact, I cannot speak highly enough about you, Carey, and AMTC!

You indeed provided my kids with a top-notch opportunity in an environment that espouses the same values we hold as Christ-followers!

Your organization oozed with kindness and encouragement right from our first contact with AMTC at the talent search!

Once my two oldest kids were invited to participate in AMTC, they were placed under the direction of Marion Webb. I checked out her website and was so very pleased to see that she was a God-loving woman who values each person as a unique creation of God. As I have grown to know Marion better and better over the past 6 months, I have thanked God for allowing my kids to be in the hands of someone who shares our love for the Lord and sees things first and foremost from a Biblical worldview!

We were all further encouraged and excited when we first met you, Carey, when you flew out to be with our Direct Annapolis group… You have a way of being able to offer feedback in a way that is honest and helpful while also being very encouraging. We all absolutely fell in love with you right from that first day.

Then we met Glynis and Lexy at the photo shoot, and fell in love with them as well! They were so very kind and encouraging, and my kids absolutely LOVED working with them!

The AMTC event itself proved to be everything you said it would be! And more! I was particularly excited by how God-honoring it was! From the opening prayer and Scripture reference Wednesday morning, to several seminars led by Christ-followers in the industry who were able to present information about the industry from a Biblical perspective, to the amazing devotional service Sunday morning complete with AWESOME worship and a salvation invitation, and the Gospel Choir praising the Lord to open the Awards Banquets, I was filled with such joy!!! It was wonderful to be experiencing what we were experiencing in an environment where the Lord was being praised, acknowledged, and lifted up! I thank YOU for that Carey, because as the leader of AMTC, you are not being ashamed of your faith in Jesus, and are bearing a very positive witness to Him!!! May God bless you richly for that always!!!

In addition to the huge selection of very helpful and informative seminars and workshops offered, and the well-run competitions, I was so very impressed by the quality of the Awards Banquets and the Mad Hatter Dance! What great events those were!!! And done with SUCH excellence!

My kids and I learned so much about the industry through our coaching sessions, and the seminars and workshops! They grew personally in their confidence and showmanship! They made friends through the group we were a part of! And they now have contacts in the industry that we are looking forward to pursuing!

In addition to ALL of that, and maybe most valuable of all, you, Marion, Nelson, and SO many others involved in some way with AMTC have reinforced what we have always told our kids about being who God made them to be, and daring to be different than the culture we live in and what it espouses in terms of image, values, and attitude! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you, Carey, for being faithful with the vision God gave you all those years ago with regard to being able to build bridges between people of influence in the entertainment industry (the “dream makers,” as you call them) and people who have dreams of being involved in that industry, and doing it with integrity and in a way that is true to all you hold dear as a Christ-follower!

We are thrilled to be a part of the AMTC family, and will highly recommend it to all who desire to pursue their dreams of being a part of the entertainment industry!

With SO MUCH love, appreciation, and respect,
Karen Eastham

Will Eastham


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