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SHINE Winter 2016

Orlando, FL

Dec 29, 2015 - Jan 03, 2016 at the Gaylord Palms Resort

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Stories from the Mission Field

Catalyst for 9 baptisms at WI13’ SHINE


The below letter was received from Justin Trisler, who won Overall Male Model at SHINE Winter 13. But prior to that accolade, Justin had spent the week putting his spotlight on God. What he inspired through a move of the Holy Spirit became a SHINE milestone.

“This is going to be long but I felt the need to post this for others getting ready for the next SHINE.

For awhile it was hard to believe if I would ever be able to make it to SHINE or even if I had the money to finish payments and live! From April until the day of SHINE I had many many struggles, many many doubts and many many attacks to keep me from thinking this was ever possible. God told me after my audition for AMTC in Oklahoma City that it’s not about how well I do or my performance that will get me anywhere, it’s about what He does that gets me where I need to be. Not by my works but by His works. But back to what I was saying, I didn’t have enough money for payments or living and the last thing I wanted to think about was the traveling cost! I prayed and prayed and tried my hardest to view this with my faith eyes. Now I can tell you the miracle story of God’s glory and how I ended up on top!

I was pumped and ready for AMTC after I was accepted and on my way to training and practicing. I was making my payments and was on top of my game! August came around and spiritually God was changing my life drastically, showing me things I have never known or ever seen before (Jeremiah 33:3). I was seeing this other side that was changing me into who He wanted me to be. Not soon after the month of August, He was calling me to move from Tulsa, OK to Dallas, TX three months before SHINE! I prayed much over this and wrestled, wondering if this was right. It surely was and so I did! One of the biggest life experiences of my entire life at that point. Now don’t get me wrong here, to keep from writing a full book, I’m not putting in all of the troubles and heartache that occured throughout these months and the process of making this transition. But I can tell you I did overcome because God was with me right alongside me.Now looking back on this, it was a very large training ground that God had for me. He does that with all who truly want to follow Him, if you didn’t know.

As I was living in Dallas, He provided such a loving mother and father. Even though they were doubtful of my decisions, they were still there for me and helped me as much as they could financially with AMTC payments, bills, etc. but I still had no idea how I would pay for traveling, for showcase clothes or for living expenses. My bills from Tulsa to Dallas were much higher and my job wasn’t the greatest, but its all I had. So my struggles came one by one; mainly finances, which came in waves. Seriously, God broke down each one and helped me overcome. But time was getting short and I still had much to pay for for this trip and had no idea what to do.

God brings along this awesome man who ended up being my roommate for SHINE. Kyle was obedient to God’s voice and told me he would pay for my trip, traveling costs… everything! Seriously. How God works is amazing! I was speechless, but to be honest with you, I began to get worried again. Worried that I wasn’t going to have the clothes I needed for SHINE. Looking back, I’m just wondering during those times if God was just like “Justin! I just provided this huge blessing and you are still worrying!” Ha! I can only imagine. I prayed much over having finances for clothes and out of nowhere this pastor from Denton,TX calls me asking how my situation is going with finances and how everything was. I told him they were going okay, still struggling. Then he says “I don’t have much to give but I can get you a gift card to Burlington Coat Factory or something like that to help out somehow?” Again, I was speechless. I said “Yes! Thank you, that would definitely help!” So I got $100 to spend at Burlington to buy a lot of the clothes that I needed for SHINE. But I still needed some things that they didn’t have. So again, I thought I was stuck. A few days later I got a larger paycheck than expected and am able to use some money on the rest of the clothes I needed! Not only that but out of nowhere, my mother sent me a check to help out, not knowing the amount that I had spent out of my paycheck and it was just the amount I needed for reimbursement for what I had spent.

I also want to tell you about December 1, 2012. I had just paid rent and electric and was totally wiped out and had no money for my last AMTC payment. I honestly had nothing. Once again, out of nowhere, a man from church asked me to help him doing a few things and he would pay me, so I did. He payed a great amount but I still felt like I didn’t have enough, I thought it was a bit short from the amount I needed for the payment. I was including tithe too. I got home and added up the extra money I had gotten from my other job and the money I got from the guy I worked for and no joke, I had the exact amount I needed for the payment and the EXACT amount I needed for the tithe that was due, leaving me with $1 left in my account. I was super excited and praised God. But then, once again, I started thinking… uhh wait, now I only have $1 and I’m literally almost out of gas. I had 1/4 tank of gas left. God definitely worked this out and had the same guy call me to work for him again the next day and paid me on the spot giving me enough for gas and food!

So now back to SHINE. I was only scheduled to do 3 showcases because I had no money to do anymore than that. But I knew God had a plan and would use those to do His work. By this point, with all that He had been doing in my life especially how He paid for that last AMTC bill, I stopped worrying. Should have never in the first place. A great leader/mentor of mine came up and said she wanted to buy me a showcase. She said God was telling her to do so, and again I was speechless and said “Wow, thank you so much”. So I had 4 now. Then later, my roommate felt he needed to get rid of one of his showcases and give me an extra one, knowing God had told him so, and he did. I couldn’t believe it. I was up to 5 now. Then while at SHINE, another guy we had just met decided to buy me and him another showcase to do together, leaving me now with 6 showcases. I was only supposed to do 3? Haha! God is amazing. So now I was set with everything I needed; clothes, traveling, food, everything was paid for except… SHINE is at the beginning of the month of January. I have to still needed to pay rent and utilities in January and I have money but not enough to pay for rent because of a paycheck mix up. So again I’m like “Well God I know you have a plan”. He sure did. So I prayed before we left, not letting it hinder my attitude or mood for this great event. Then my mother calls me up asking about my bills and rent. She ends up paying for it all not wanting any of it back. I again was speechless… awe of My God.

Now its time and we arrive. The first thing that happens… they gave up our room to someone else and would have to put us in a room with one bed. We were like “well…hmm”. Then God works and we end up with a suite! Bigger than most rooms there! Such a blessing! So we are in this suite just enjoying everything and settling in and God tells me to just go walk. I go and start walking and within this place were glamorous lights for Christmas time and a large tree. It was great. He led me to the top of this castle/fort in the middle of the big jungle in there and I talked and prayed and listened and then He led me to this large waterfall in this rock tunnel and again, listened and prayed. Then He led me to the last place which was down below the decks right by the creek and there was a small seat right next to the water, and He began talking with me there. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this if you are wondering but I just know that there are times when God just calls you to walk cause He has something to show you and maybe not just physically walking but spiritually too. He is personal and wants to be personal with you, especially in struggling times.

Back to SHINE week. So the next day is the first big day. We hear Jaco’s message, what a great message from God that was, and then the day begins. I had to do a swimsuit rehearsal so I went there and stood in line. Now this I believe is the MAIN reason why God had me at SHINE this past week. Not because He needed me for this but because He had a purpose and a specific reason. This man I stood beside began talking to me about things and somehow religion was brought up. He brought up Jaco’s message and said it was hard to believe. Right then, God moved me to ask him if he was saved. At first it wasn’t a definite answer and then I asked again and he said “no”. God pulled at me to pray with him and so we did after the rehearsal and he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Now again, I’m not sure why I am telling you this if you’re wondering, but God puts us strategically in certain places to be a light and be a part in building His Kingdom. The most important thing to do is listen and obey. This is not to give credit to myself but to give credit to God for His works and what He does through us and to proclaim how amazing it is to just simply follow Him! So anyway, the man got saved and his girlfriend beside him got saved the next day! AND THEN, another person was saved after that! A total of 3 people at the SHINE convention God saved during that week!

Then, God’s not done yet. The 3 want to be baptized! So they scheduled a date for baptism in the pool and let everyone know. After it was announced, a certain few were convicted and wanted to get baptized that day as well! So then came time to get baptized and as we were finishing (how amazing this experience was!) even more came down at the last minute to be baptized! A total of 12 or 13? I dont remember exactly but that’s not the importance. What’s important is how God can make a first for everything, even in AMTC history and simply how He works through His vessels if we are only willing to listen.

I apologize for making this huge book. Haha! This actually isn’t every single thing, it would probably crash the site trying to post it all. I hope and pray that for those of you who read, be aware that if you were called and know He has told you specifically then seriously strap yourself down in the CO-PILOT position and let God take the wheel. There is nothing, not one thing that could ever stand against you, not even money. As you’ve read, I had nothing except One. The One thing I would/could ever need, Jesus Christ. I hope this depletes doubts and stirs up your hearts to fight the attacks cause honestly they’ll come no doubt, but you have all you need.

Another Story… Of God’s Glory”


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