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Matthew and Rebekah Miller


September 2011 UPDATE

Rebekah will be returning to LA in January 2012 to continue working with RAGE Model and Talent. JoAnn Smollen, Rebekah’s film & commercial agent and Penny Middlemiss, her print agent, are two incredibly talented and hard working women who have opened doors to life changing experiences and opportunities.

June 2010 Update

What a great weekend! Matthew and Rebekah have been thrilled to see themselves on the Disney Channel starting last Friday night. They are among a group of kids who are seen playing and interacting on and around the Santa Monica pier as part of Disney’s “It’s On” summer promos. At station breaks you might see Matthew running to the water with a boogie board or playing carnival games on the pier, and Rebekah buying flowers from a stand or throwing balls at the milk cans to win a stuffed animal. Or you might just see Matthew’s feet in a pair of flippers. Too much fun.

We are beyond grateful for AMTC and share the story with all that we meet. Matthew recently shot a short film with Craig Anton (father in Disney’s Phil of the Future) had dinner with the Director of Open Season and is waiting word on a couple of feature films. Rebekah is a regular fit model with several brands you would recognize. She loves it! Makes her feel like part of the creative process and it is a hoot to see stuff she modeled end up on the shelves.

Besides work that we told you about earlier she and Matthew (and their mom, Ruth too!) were just booked to be on a new TV game show. This is exciting because they were part of the demo team that helped sell the concept to the producers and network so we are happy that it will air.

There is not enough space to tell you how blessed we are to be working with Ms. Penny and Joann Smolen at Rage Models and Talent. Bekah was on the phone with me this morning (I am still in Colorado with our two older boys) and told me that she is so glad to be with Rage because they really care about her and Matthew personally. How many young actors and models are so fortunate? This is a testament to Penny and JoAnn, but it also reflects on AMTC because it proves how devoted and passionate you are about making a difference in the industry and about making the conferences a genuine opportunity for worthwhile connections; not just another run-of-the-mill showcase.

And I need to say again that your system works! We counted on the relationship with Karin Bisogno for encouragement, training and love to get us ready for conference, you and your talented staff to ensure that the kids really were able to demonstrate what they have, and an ongoing support system that included all of you so that this big adventure didn’t feel quite as daunting. Yea, AMTC!

Let me know how we can help others along the way. You are the best.

Brad Miller

Previous Letter
March 2010


It was great to see you in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago. Even since then things have really been moving and I had to send you an update on Ruth and the kids.

I told you that they signed with JoAnn Smolen and Penny Middlemiss (theatrical and commercial print respectively). It has been an incredible couple weeks to say the least. After a preliminary visit to LA in February to get headshots, website registrations, etc., they headed back just 10 days ago to start the adventure of auditions and classes. JoAnn introduced us to Deb Lemen who has been a joy to work with as an acting coach. She has worked with the kids on a scene read workshop and helped them produce their reel. At the same time, both Matthew and Rebekah have been auditioning almost daily.

JoAnn and Penny are unbelievable!

Rebekah signed and has already shot a commercial for Mercedes Benz (“Blue Efficiency”) at Paramount Studios. It is set in the 1890s and there clearly was no skimping on the budget. Rebekah also has been at several fittings for big-name retailers and worked for Cherokee today, with a few others pending. Tomorrow, both Matthew and Rebekah will be filming a Disney Channel promo at Santa Monica pier! Matthew also booked a short film called The Legend of William Cole as one of the leads. The production is overtly Christian and we couldn’t be more thrilled. And we have three or four more opportunities that appear to be likely as well.

Right now, the blessings abound. But we remember what a long road it has been and what a commitment it takes to make this happen. We treasure the fact that you were so bluntly honest, yet exuberantly hopeful for us and for everyone in our group (January, 2009). Thank you for the opportunities that you, through AMTC, created for us. And thanks for your support for the various local managers, like our sweet and awesome Karin Bisogno, who put in so much time on behalf of the contestants. It can be discouraging and taxing, but the support all of you provide has been the salve to keep us motivated.

Obviously, we’ll keep you posted as we continue to seek God’s direction. Matthew and Rebekah remain committed to being missionaries to the entertainment world, and that ambition as well stems from your encouragement and example. You and your team will always reside in our hearts and our prayers. Thanks again.

Brad Miller

On set of Mercedes Benz commercial.


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