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Agents & VIPs

Success in the Entertainment Industry is about ‘What You Know’ and ‘Who You Know.’ AMTC serves the most important ‘Who’ in the universe, and He knows everybody. VIP’s come to SHINE in fulfillment of His Word: ‘Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising’ (Isaiah 60:3).

At AMTC, we consider Isaiah 60:1-3 to be the Great Commission of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. Because ‘kings’ of film, fashion, music and theater actually come to the brightness of your rising: ‘kings’ you could not meet on their territory actually come to ours. God’s Word will not be denied.

God brings career-makers of mainstream and Christian media to SHINE. They watch you perform, teach you in VIP seminars, and to talk with you one-on-one in interviews. Connections are made, and new doors open. Basically, SHINE is a launching pad, and God is the Star-Maker.

Between 50 and 100 recognized agents, managers, casting directors and music industry professionals come from the entertainment capitals of the world: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Europe and Asia. They come seeking new talent. They come to share their knowledge.

Imagine the kings of entertainment and fashion gathered in one time and one place, sitting side-by-side at SHINE – watching you! Teaching you! Meeting you! And for those most ready, extending to you opportunities to become fishers of men in a way imagined by no one but God—for such a time as this.

Top Agents from all over the world come to AMTC to scout for new talent.

Families are involved every step of the way at AMTC.

What do the pros have to say about AMTC?

Equipping these talented actors, models and talent to go into the Entertainment Industry and redeem the mass media of entertainment is extremely important, these are the people whom God has called to redeem the culture. I am grateful to speak at AMTC.

Ted Baehr
MovieGuide & AMTC Board Member

SHINE is an opportunity to not only meet industry professionals from across the nation but also to work on your craft in a week’s time. AMTC consistently offers amazing seminars, panel discussions, and showcases while staying centered in Christ. It’s a blessing to be able to meet with all of the new talent each season and encourage them on their journey.

Brittany Giles
Bloc Talent Agency

AMTC only involves the most reputable agents, managers and casting directors.

A partial listing of agents, managers and casting directors:

ABC Casting
New York, NY

John Ort

Los Angeles, New York

Joe Thompson (New York) Fatmata Kamara (Los Angeles)

ACME Casting

Bill Marinella


Nise Davies & Misty Griggs

AGI Performing Arts School
Atlanta, GA

Natarsha Garcia

Allegory Creative Management & You People Publishing
Los Angeles

Billy Clark

Alpha Tyler Casting & BET Casting

Alpha Tyler


Pastor Taffi Dollar & Cappriccieo Scates

New York

Stephanie Keel

Atlanta & Los Angeles

Sindy Schneider

Nashville, TN

Melissa Spillman

Nashville, TN

John J. Thompson

Nashville, TN

Rusty Varenkamp

Miami, FL

Cathy Celmer

Nashville, TN

Jon Sell

Los Angeles & New York

Kirsten Walther, and Lakey Wolff (New York) Tim Weissman (Los Angeles)


Jackie Hazen, & Megan Latare

Los Angeles, New York

Ito Compton

Atlanta, GA

Jamie Lynn Catrett & Rose Locke


Julie Martin

Nashville, TN

Cindy Wilt Colville

Damon Sharpe Music
Los Angeles

Damon Sharpe

Greensboro, NC

Sara Szostak

Discover Management
Los Angeles

Debra Lynn Findon

Los Angeles

Nelson Diaz

New York, NY

Butterfly Cayley & Austin Rubino

Do Good Entertainment
Atlanta, GA

Nate Butler

New York, Los Angeles

David Elliott, Victoria Kress, Katie Chambers

Don Vito Productions
Atlanta, GA

Rodney Richards

New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto

Marcos Olazabal (New York) Allee Newhoff (Miami)

Atlanta & Chicago
Jason Wallace (Atlanta), Stephen Hall (Chicago)
New York

Jane Blum, Doris Stinga, Charlie Winfield

Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles

Shannon Lang, Monica Diaz & Katie Egan

Phoenix, AZ

Sheree Hartwell

New York, NY

Shawn Zane

Futch-Mullins Casting Associates
Charleston, SC

Richard Futch

Los Angeles, CA

Mark Ellis & Jessica Moore

New York, NY

Patti Fleischer & David Doan (Generation TV)

Miami, FL

Samantha Roos & Marco Giron

Nashville, TN

Jackie Patillo

New York

Stephen DeAngelis

New York

Barry Shapiro


Mystie Buice & Chase Paris

House of Representatives
Los Angeles

Denny Sevier


Stone Stafford


Chico Gonzales

Los Angeles, CA

Ericka Coulter

Los Angeles, CA

Tyrone Davis


Jayme Pervis & Joy Pervis

New York

Robin Dornbaum


Karen Greer & Susan Applegate

Dallas, TX

Katrina Cook


Dan Hollinger & Dee Ann Vernon

New York, NY

Dean Cramer

New York, NY

Anthony Pichette

Los Angeles

Sarah Fletcher

Los Angeles, CA

Ashley Partington


Ian Burke – Representing Def-Jam Records, Epic Records & Electra Records.


Lily Liu, Oliver Al & Dan Tower

Dallas, TX

Danette Linicomn


Leo Pacheco

New York, NY

Lindsey Murrell

Greensboro, NC

Anne Marie Rhodes

Marshak Zachary Management
Los Angeles

Alan Mills

New York

Lesley Collis

Los Angeles

Brad Diffley, Sarah Farkas, Penny Middlemiss

New York

Anthony Higgins & Thomas Dunleavy

New York

Over $150,000 in scholarships awarded!

New York

$150,000 in scholarships awarded!

New York

Erin Scimeca & Sheena Park

New York, Miami, Los Angeles

Grace Puc (Miami)

Los Angeles, CA

Chanel Kong

Universal City (L.A.)

Cindy Osbrink, Dawn Osbrink, Joy Pervis

Passport Model Management

Marissa Surmenkow

Power Model Management

Heather Scott

Premier Artists Management, Ltd.

Sandra Gillis

Jacksonville, FL

Crystal Bennett

Atlanta, GA

Kitty Bundy

New York, Atlanta

Lexy She & Glynis Carpenter

Provident Label Group (Sony BMG)
Nashville, TN

Blaine Barcus

Los Angeles

JoAnn Smolen

New York, NY

Janine Cerny

Rhavynn Drummer Casting

Rhavynn Drummer *Casting Director for Tyler Perry Studios

New York

Ryan Stana

Albany, Georgia

Terri Catt, Erin Bethea Shafer, Bill Shafer

Teaneck, NJ (servicing NYC)

Shirley Grant & Dave McKeown

Los Angeles

Greg Parks


Gerra Avery

New York, NY

Henry Ravelo

Stage Coach Entertainment
Los Angeles

April Baker

Chicago, New York

Wade Childress

Sweetheart Records - Elephant Records
Connecticut, Vienna

Tootie Debenedetto


Brianne Webb

Dallas, TX

Jamar Jakes

Dallas, TX

Nancy Campbell, Lindsay Weatherhead, Amy Davidson & John Peter

Dallas, TX

Ashley Akins

Dallas, TX

Stasia Langford

New York

Duane Gazi

New York, NY

Angela Bowers

Los Angeles, CA

Tony Perkins

New York, NY

Loni Bronfen & Brianne Murphy

Dallas, TX

Tammy Theis & Brenda Gomez


Kristene Wallis

Watersound Records, Scouting for Capitol & Virgin Records
New York, NY

John DeGrazio, Jacqueline Fitzpatrick

New York, Los Angeles, Miami

Josh Stephens (New York), Andrew Partington, Jose Covarrubias (New York) Abby Kingston (Miami) & Teresa Pollman (Los Angeles)

New York, Paris, Milan

Andrea Dantona

Phoenix, AZ

Rob & Faytene Grasseschi


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