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Why Go

The Greatest Influence
media imgaes

No life goes untouched by media.

Media and entertainment have influence, period. Not just on the average person in this country, but the world over. 2013 domestic box office revenues totaled almost 11 billion in the US, and climbed near 40 billion internationally. American movies, music, television shows, video games, and theatrical productions spread across the globe, infusing other cultures with our ideas, ideals, and values. Popular stars of stage, screen, and even the internet, gather billions of fans who pattern style, attitudes and aspirations after them. In most of the civilized world, there is barely a person alive who has not been influenced by entertainment.

In our country, the average youth will spend 75 hours of his week engaged in some kind of media. Accounting for sleep, that means a young person spends 66% of his waking day immersed in media and entertainment. By age 17, that totals 60,231 hours – nearly 7 years of a life.

But what values are absorbed with that time? Who are the people who create this amazing medium that influences the world? Where do they get their values? Who, or what, influences them?

Media and Entertainment as a Mission Field?
media imgaes

Welcome to the mission field of the 21st century.

At AMTC we believe Christians are called to entertainment, because we see it as a mission field. We believe we are called to be role models, examples and performers for Christ, to act, sing, dance and model.

But isn’t this mission field a mine field? How do we prepare for it? Can we maintain our faith and integrity in such a world?

Even though scripture doesn’t address “entertainment” as a vocation, it has powerful examples that answer these questions. Bible heroes like Esther and Daniel were given missions in foreign nations. When Israel was defeated, Daniel and his peers were taken captive to Babylon. They were chosen because of their gifts from God and trained to have influence they could never have imagined.

They did not condemn, even though the people over them worshipped false gods. They learned to survive and thrive in what was then the world’s most dominant culture. But they never sold out the One True God. Daniel and his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego had ‘knowledge and intelligence’ above their peers (Daniel 1:17) and the king found them ‘ten times better than all… who were in his realm’ (v.20). They rose to levels of prominence, and God worked through them to change a nation.

Now consider Hollywood, Nashville, or New York: foreign cultures with rules outsiders don’t understand. Watching a TV show or movie does not qualify us to enter and compete with its current stars, nor does talent alone. Like Daniel, actors, models and talent for Christ must enter the kingdom of entertainment without condemnation, with skills and behavior that are literally “ten times better.”

Talent Missionaries Wanted
media imgaes

Your talent is not meant for you alone.

If you feel the particular call to perform—to dance, sing, model or act—because it’s who God made you to be, then you must consider how God may be calling you to use that talent. And where. If you have been stalled in your pursuits because fear, doubt or negativity have stifled you, then this is your opportunity. We at AMTC believe in you, because we believe in what God has called us to: to send God’s performers into the most exciting, most influential mission field on earth!

The time is now. Audition for AMTC today.


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