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The Beacon:

The Megan Fox Complaint


I recently received a letter of complaint from a mom who said,

‘I am wondering why you promote yourselves as a Christian Company and have Megan Fox on your Top 100 success stories. I realize she was found by you but she is definitely NOT a Christian role model.’

Indeed, Megan Fox attended AMTC in 2000 at the age of 13. She came with legendary Florida agent Janet Kyle, who said to me, ‘Watch this girl. I think she will become a star.’ Prophetic words.

Megan was voted ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’ for two years running by FHM magazine in 2008-2009. She’s a well-known movie star who has been gracious and appreciative in her public remarks about AMTC.

AMTC did not become a Christian company until 2007. Our previous grads know us as a quality company, but we were not open regarding faith. In fact, I did not truly know God until I became a Christ follower at age 51 and brought AMTC with me. We are a reborn and recommitted company. Megan might think, ‘Uh oh. What’s up with AMTC?’ I hope she may come and see!

We judge no one and pray for everyone – even stars in Hollywood who aren’t ‘starring’ as we would like. I believe Megan and countless others have suffered bad experiences with those calling themselves Christians who are judgmental, arrogant or poor examples of God’s love. Combine disillusionment with the temptations of Hollywood, and perspectives can change.

I am hopeful for Megan.

My vision is for Actors, Models & Talent for Christ to be a beacon of light that attracts and welcomes everyone. I believe AMTC’s mission is from God. We will continue to seek and promote clean beauty and positive entertainment, yet our doors will remain open with lights in the windows for all who want to come in.

‘And the Pharisees and scribes complained, saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.” ‘

Luke 15:2 NKJV

Comments for The Megan Fox Complaint:

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Posted 71 months ago

This is a GREAT message. The LIGHT is most visible when its turned on in a DARK place. They will know us by our love for one another and not by shining our "light" in the already well-lit places of this world. "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven" Matthew 5:16

Posted 71 months ago

Well said! May God bless your wonderful company always... and a big AMEN for being bold in your faith now!

Posted 71 months ago

Thank you Carey for YOUR Christan comments concerning Ms. Fox.

Yes, we as Christians are called to the be light in a world that is full of darkness.

We are to show the way to hope, where there may be no hope.

We are called to make a difference in a way that is opposite of the world.

Are we perfect? NO. Do we make mistakes? EVERYDAY.


Posted 71 months ago

As a parent just coming from the Winter 2010 Convention. I was so impressed not just by how great this organization is but how openly it is about their faith in Christ. Just because it is a Christian company, it doesn't mean that everyone who participates has a walk with God but during the time that you are with AMTC, you know you are in a Christian environment. Jesus said love the sinners not the sin. Megan Fox may not be who we think she should be but are we also where we should be even as Christians. AMTC is not promoting Megan Fox as a person but the fact that she started with AMTC. By posting their success story is not telling anyone to be like that person because at the end of the day we are responsible for our own walk with Christ. I am very proud and honor to be associated with AMTC. Ms. Carey, thank you for your vision and caring passion for others. You are using your gift and talent to serve God through AMTC.

Posted 71 months ago

I believe the Light of God is shining on you Ms. Arban and AMTC! The way you present the gospel through this type of Art is so compelling for others to come seeking answers concerning this faith you and I both believe in. It is life changing. I know sometimes the road gets tough, but remember there are others that you do not yet know that are standing alongside you praying for your strength. Thank you for keep getting up! And God will do the rest. God Bless you!

Posted 71 months ago

These are wise words. We all have a history and once we truly become Christ followers, many of us look back ours with shame. That is where the devil would like to keep us, but God truly "....can restore the years the locusts have eaten."

I have felt the judgement and hurt from some Christians as you described and it only served to push me away from God for many years. When I recommitted my life to Christ and chose to allow Him to be Lord over it, (not just my fire insurance from hell savior) I was impressed by Him to begin praying for many actors lots of Christians wrote off. Most times it felt like I was the only one who saw that God loves them too, but I was just stubborn enough to continue. I'm so glad you wrote this! I intend to share it with other christians because it is sorely needed if we are to reach the lost.

Posted 71 months ago

WOW! Carey, what an amazing answer to this question! You are truly inspiring! I want to be like you when I grow up! ;)

Posted 71 months ago

Dear Kiara:

That's a sweet answer. I want to be like Jesus when I grow up, so we will grow up together in Him!

Posted 71 months ago

Amen! Very well put...we as Christians have to learn to stop being so judgemental and pray for one another. "As we attempt to live like Christ

In actions, words, and deeds,

We'll follow His design for prayer

And pray for others' needs".


Posted 71 months ago

What a WONDERFUL answer to that question. :)

Posted 71 months ago

Hi Marissa: Thanks for your encouragement for what I thought might be a controversial blog. Since all good things come from God, if I wrote well, it must be from Him. All glory is His.

Posted 71 months ago

I couldn't agree more,Carey. It is this EXACT thing that , if anything scares these young stars from "The Church". But ultimately Christianity. People don't know what stars like Katy Perry,Britney Spears,Beyonce,Marvin Gaye,Tina Turner and SO many other have experienced due to our tendencies in looking down our noses down at others. Christians let's WAKE UP! We do NOT have to condone what the celebrities are doing but judging and condemning them is only going to drive them further away from Jesus. Isnt that defeating the purpose? I am a strong Christian preparing myself to tackle the entertainment Industry. But when that happens wearing my self righteous cloak ISN'T going to help Hollywood. It's accepting them and loving them that will.

Posted 71 months ago

okay while i was reading this i thought about something that was really important. AMTC doesn't have control of what a person does after they have been there. Even if AMTC was a fully Christian company when Megan was there they still would have nothing to do with what she did and the derection she turned to once she became famous, they had no control over that.

Posted 71 months ago

I agree, Brenda. We don't have any control- even now. That being said, we hope that all AMTC contestants and grads will be lights. And we try to example it. Add prayer on top, and we leave the rest to God. Godly stars will be elevated. Some are there. More are coming.

Posted 70 months ago

"We judge no one and pray for everyone ..." After spending a week with you in Orlando, I can honestly say that THIS is your heart. I was so impressed with the humility of the AMTC leadership. You encouraged us as actors/models/talent to be in stealth mode and allow you to be bold. Praise God that you ARE bold - yet loving! Because of your witness, my compassion is growing and my heart longs to share Jesus with a hurting world!

Posted 70 months ago

Hi Carey,

It is thanks to you that Matthew and Rebekah have continued to pursue their dream of entering this business as a mission field. If we are not willing to engage the culture and to build relationships with unbelievers it makes little sense for us to just sit back in discouragement carping at the lack of faith and morality in American entertainment.

Posted 70 months ago

I agree that there is no guaranteeing that every one who competes or is "discovered" at AMTC is Christian. AMTC can still promote Christian values at the conventions, and that is something I am happy to see.

My daughter, Brooke Sikkema, competed at AMTC in the Pixie division many years ago. She won numerous awards including the Overall Child Actor Award, and received 23 industry callbacks. As a result, our family relocated to Los Angeles. Even though AMTC was not advertised as a Christian company at that time, it was a very family-oriented convention that promoted high moral standards. My daughter had a fabulous time at AMTC and is pursuing her dreams here in LA.

Posted 70 months ago

Hi Debbie: I remember Brooke well. What a child star she was! Please send us updates. Love to you both! Carey

Posted 70 months ago


"Hate the SIN not the sinner".

Posted 70 months ago

Wow. What a story. I myself have always been a fan of Megan's. I think She is mega talented and a smart woman. I do, however, understand how someone could say She isn't a very good Christian role model though.

Never-the-less, I enjoy Her movies and I still like Her.

As far as AMTC...I LOVE it and what it has given me. I have learned a LOT through them and appreciate everything they gave to me. I love all of my coaches, directors and VIP's of whom I met there. I feel as though I made a whole new family while with AMTC and at convention, a family that I will cherish forever:) xoxo, Kara!


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