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The Millie Lewis Story

Millie was discovered by a fashion photographer in New York while visiting friends.

She became a successful cover girl, even landing a prestigious cosmetic campaign for Dubarry, the Revlon of its day.

After the war, she met and married a returning war hero named Jack Lewis.

Millie at a speech in New York City.

Millie directed countless fashion shows and civic events.

AMTC, Actors, Models & Talent for Christ, is a three-generation family business started in 1982 by industry icon, Millie Lewis and her daughter, Carey Lewis. To put AMTC’s history into perspective, we have to travel back to World War II-era Greenville, S.C.

Millie Lewis, the young woman who as a girl pictured herself becoming an evangelist, awoke one day to discover she had instead become a war widow. But that’s only the beginning of the story…

Months later, while Millie visited friends in New York City, a fashion photographer noticed her, struck by her beauty. One modeling job led to the next, and before she knew it, Millie had blossomed into a successful cover girl, even landing a prestigious cosmetic campaign for Dubarry, the Revlon of its day. However, one job in particular would change her life forever.

When the War ended, she was hired to model alongside a real-life war hero and fighter pilot named Jack Lewis. He was a stunt pilot in a New York air show, and she was the model brought in to make him look good. Needless to say, Jack was smitten. The two eventually married, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Millie moved back to Jack’s hometown of Columbia, S.C. and started a coaching dynasty when she opened her first modeling and finishing school in 1960, mostly to help young girls improve their appearance and confidence. As the schools grew into five locations, so did the accomplishments of Millie Lewis.

She became a TV and radio personality, a member of the New York Fashion Group, and a “Who’s Who in Women of the World.” She gave tirelessly of her time to charity and civic events.

Millie pioneered the South Carolina Civil Rights movement of the 1960s by refusing to segregate the fashion, talent and beauty events she led. She was also a frequent speaker at Allen and Benedict Colleges, historic African-American Universities.

Millie’s physical beauty was exceeded only by her beauty of spirit and strength of character. Her charm and honesty became her trademarks. More than 50 feature stories were written about Millie Lewis, and she was even the subject of a comic book based on her life, called Millie the Model.

She was eventually selected as the 1991 Inductee to the International Models Hall of Fame, as judged by the Modeling Association of America, International. The South’s most famous model maker was indeed ‘the model’s model.’ She passed away in 2001 after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Through her children, grandchildren, and the thousands of lives she touched, Millie Lewis continues to be a symbol of ethics and professionalism in the modeling and talent industries.

She even inspired a comic book series.

Two legendary beauties became friends in their middle years: Wilhelmina, founder of the Wilhlemina Agency and Millie Lewis.

Millie Lewis was inducted into the “International Models Hall of Fame” as judged by the Modeling Association of America, Int'l.


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